Market Research

On Friday August 23rd 2013, HearBuy conducted some market research on the streets of West Bridgford in Nottingham.  This busy town on the outskirts of the city centre could be representative of any town or city in the UK.

The research would show the publics awareness and perception of both the sight care and hearing care services, and if faced with a healthcare issue, where they would turn to solve it.  The results are quite shocking and shows that although the high street chains and the NHS have some visibility, the hearing independents are suffering.  More importantly, a very high percentage of the public have no idea who they should ask regarding a hearing issue.

The results clearly show there is an urgent need for independent family businesses to work more closely.  We have to increase visibility to the consumer to win back lost market share.

If you needed a pair of glasses or a sight test where would you go?
MR SIght

If you or a family member required help with a hearing problem, where would you go?
MR Hearing