Branded Products

Promote your brand

Creating and promoting your brand is very important when it comes to building your business.  HearBuy’s branded products allow you to sell a range of quality Cedis consumables to your clients and in the process, build brand awareness.

With an in-house design team, HearBuy are now able to design your product labels and boxes for you, allowing you to create the most professional impression possible and to increase customer retention.

The range, which includes over 20 products, can be produced with your logo, images and colours to produce your very own range of consumable products.  Various levels of personalisation are available to suit all budgets and quantity requirements.


To source and produce similar products yourself would cost thousands of pounds purely in the set up costs.  HearBuy’s branded products are surprisingly inexpensive to produce allowing you to continue making a healthy margin on your sales.

For more information on this range of products, please visit or email Umesh Parmar at oto-tech (