IHP members also receive a page advertising their business on the website.  This website is actively targeting potential customers in the marketplace and is a direct link between the public and the members business.  It is also a useful resource for the public to learn about audiology, what is available and what to expect when they book a hearing test.   IHP pays for and manages on-line advertising on behalf of each member in their local area via Google.

Geo-Targeted Google P.P.C. Campaign for every member

The internet is increasingly becoming the first port of call for people looking for hearing advice. Through our own research we have found that there are over 750,000 hearing aid related searches per month in the UK alone. IHP helps it’s members to take advantage of this by managing a pay-per-click campaign on both Google and Bing to raise the visibility of our members in their local area. This campaign is included as part of IHP membership.

We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading internet marketing companies to help manage our campaign on behalf of all IHP members. Collaborating allows each member to benefits from expert advice which would normally be unfeasible to fund by a single independent dispenser.