Card Saver


Easily Accept card payments

HearBuy and IHP are pleased to announce that it has negotiated competitive rates for it’s members with Card Saver. Card Saver can offer HearBuy members a unique set of terms for the processing of credit and debit card payments. Switching your card payment provider is easy and hassle-free, so contact Card Saver today.

Card Saver will even buy you out of your existing contract*.  There are no hidden charges or set up costs, and if you are still unsure how much money Card Saver can save you, they will even compare your last statement from your current provider and show you the savings in pounds and pence.

trustpilotCard Saver terminals are extremely affordable and range from only £15 to £25 per month. Also, Card Saver’s Trustpilot rating is “Excellent – 5 stars” and 9/10 of their customers would recommend them. The latest technology card machines are delivered and installed within days and accept Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay. 1000s of businesses, just like yours, have already benefited from working with Card Saver.

*Subject to terms and conditions